Return Policy

Return Policy

All orders are checked for defects before shipment. In an unfortunate case which you receive a defective item, please contact us within stipulated number of days of receipt with your order number, product code, name, address and reason for return/exchange. All other cases will only be eligible for a one-for-one exchange.

Please note:

Customers returning parcels to us must provide proof of postage like tracking number and our address indicated on the returned parcel. It would be better to send via registered mail or courier with tracking number. 

Postages incurred for sending the items with issues back to us will be borne by buyer and the items we sent back to buyers after following up on the respective issues will be borne by us, the seller. Simply, buyer pays for the postage and send back the items to us and we pay for the postage and send them the items to them after rectifying the issues.  

If the new piece of item is not available for exchange you will be refunded a credit of the item to your member account only and this credit may be used in your next order with us.  

All replacement, exchanges and returned mails once received by us will be sent via normal mail to buyers with postage services only. 

We strictly do not offer any cash refund under any circumstances. For any reasons of exchange or returns, the value will be credited to your member account only. We do not offer refund via Bank or PayPal. 

Please contact us at (Store Email).

Refund Policy

What is the acceptable reason for Refunding item?

For further questions and enquiries, please email us at: (Store Email).